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Dear Mission Friends

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help, hard work and prayers for our recent mission trips. And would like to share how the items donated by people of kindness like you were distributed.

Our yearly mission trip was to Cawood, KY Church of God, and other surrounding communities. We arrived on October 5th with 5 trailer loads of much needed items for the “Day of Blessings” outreach to begin on October 6th. First our guest, 350 people, entered the church for a time of worship, singing, testifying, and puppets for the children and sharing of God’s Word. We were so blessed to witness several confessed salvations, and people come up to the alter seeking Gods help. Later at the bible table ten of our guest accepted Jesus into their heart. Our team members prayed with them as they gave in their request for the prayer box. Please continue to keep these folks in your daily prayers, as they have many needs.

After the evangelistic part of the day, our guest proceeded outside for these items: Coats, jackets, gloves, caps, shoes, socks, diaper bags, school supplies, toys, goodie bags for the kids, bibles, blankets, and non-perishable foods and 5lb bag of potatoes. Each person enjoyed a hot dog lunch, prepared by the local church.

The trailers were reloaded with leftover items and a 16ft trailer was delivered to Mac’s Rescue Mission, located on Pine Mountain in Kentucky, to be given away on Fridays. And a 20ft trailer was delivered to Burdine KY Church of God of Prophecy, the items were given away at a distribution on Oct. 20th, with two confessed salvations, praise God.

Upon returning from Cawood, we received a call from Joyce with Sky Bound Mission (Lord Jesus Church), requesting our help. They were in much need of items for the winter, including items for children, babies and food. After contacting our mission friends we were able to fill a 12 foot trailer. We left the day after Thanksgiving to deliver to Yeaddis, KY we were so blessed to see the smiles of the children and adults receiving the items. One lady brought tears to my eyes by saying “thank you for feeding us”, what a blessing to know God allowed us to be a part of bringing a bit of hope to this community.

After checking the items we had left, we had enough adult coats, gloves, and socks to give to the homeless in Greenville, SC also blankets and coats in the Pelzer, SC area. It seems God keeps on multiplying the items collected and He allows our mission team to be His hands reaching out to others.

All these communities are in much need and have many people living at or below the US poverty level. We may never know the magnitude our efforts play in making a difference in their lives. But, we would like to think we have helped shed a little light into the darkness and let them know God loves them and so do we. May God continue to use all of us working together to make those less fortune, be fed, be warmer and have a little less sadness. Looking forward for more exciting news as we all work together for His Kingdom this New Year and years to follow.

In His Service,

The Harts