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PELZER, SC 29669

864-905-9931 DELBERT HART

864-905-9935 RACHELE HART


Dear Mission Friends,

Thanks to you, hundreds of men, women, boys, and girls have a coat, shoes, socks, gloves and hats. They were so grateful and appreciated the kindness shown to them as they prepare for a cold winter they endure on a yearly basics. They also received a new blanket to help in their effort to keep warm in their home. Each family also received nonperishable food items. The children received a toy and back packs full of much needed school supplies, and a treat bag of goodies.

The annual Fall mission trip was to Welch, WV located in McDowell county one of the poorest counties in West Va. We were blessed to be able to share Christ with over 330 on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016. Our guest was welcomed into Havaco Community Church. Where they enjoyed singing, ministry and a puppet show for the children.

This year our team was made up of 65 people from 14 different South Carolina churches from the Upstate. Thankful for an awesome team of wonderful people willing to give of their time, talents and love. And are willing to leave home and travel, at their own expense to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our guest were guided to each station for the “Day of Blessings’ by our team members. Each family was blessed with the many items and received a hot dog lunch. This year our guest was offered a free hair cut from one of our team members. Our prayer team was available to share, take prayer request and pray with our guest. Each person received a Holy Bible. There were 14 salvations. Praise Jesus!

Other upcoming mission news for 2016:

One 16ft trailer was delivered to Yeaddiss, KY Nov. 5

Two more 16ft trailers to be delivered to Harlan Kentucky and surrounding communities

Donations given to Hillcrest Baptist Church, Williamston, SC for their mission trip to Gary, WV

Donating to Trinity Baptist Tabernacle, Piedmont, SC for their mission trip to Cumberland, KY

Donating to Crossroads Baptist Church in Brevard, NC for their winter outreach

Partnering with 3 different homeless outreach ministries for their ongoing ministries

Partnering with other ministries, in SC, NC, VA, WVA, and KY as their needs arise

We appreciate you and your love for others and look forward to what God has in store for the upcoming years. God bless you as you bless others! By His Grace and For His Glory, we serve.

In His Service,

The Hart’s and The Mission Team