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May 16th, 2016

As we started up the winding hills of Kentucky on Monday morning we were reminded of the many times God has protected us in our travels. We were supposed to leave on Friday and arrive at the mission on Saturday. But, God had other plans! The lady who runs the mission house called and asked us to wait and come on Monday morning. So, we changed our plans, no problem. The 16 foot trailer loaded, vehicle loaded, hooked up and ready to go. No brakes on the vehicle, and we had brakes on the originally planned day. We took the vehicle for repair and was able to leave and for Kentucky. So, if the plans had not changed we could have been right in the middle of steep, high mountains of Kentucky with no brakes. We see God's mighty hand of protection and so thankful He watches out for His children. Some may doubt the awesome God we serve and think this was coincident. BUT no, God is real and He guides His children.