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Kentucky Tornado Relief

We were saddened to hear of the recent tornadoes and the destruction that hit Kentucky and the surrounding areas on March 3rd, 2012. Lives were lost, many people were injured, homes, churches, businesses and schools were damaged beyond repair. People lost things that can never be replaced, things money just can't buy. Family photos, family heirlooms, treasures saved for a lifetime, only to be gone in a matter of minutes.

As the news began to reach us of the needs in these areas, we went to work collecting items of relief for the communities in the hard hit areas of Kentucky. First we sent out messages to our team members, local businesses, friends, churches, and our community. A 20 foot trailer was loaded and delivered to Saylersville, KY on Monday, March 12th. It really amazes us as to how God works through all different types of people to come together, and help meet the needs of hurting people. Items delivered were blankets, tarps, trash bags, personal care items, diapers, baby wipes, food, drinks, work gloves, etc.

When we arrived and saw the damage to the town, and communities, our hearts were really sad. To think the people who once had a home, a roof over their head, beds, the comforts of home, their homes are now a memory.

One man (a Pastor of a local church) told how he secured his family in the bathtub, just as the tornado came he ran to join them in the bathroom. Every room in the home was destroyed, the roof, the walls gone, but, by the Grace of God, the room they were in had NO damage. Praise God! I asked him was there anything we could do to help him, or if there was an immediate need and he said smiling "no thanks, just glad to be alive, praise God." This really touched my heart, cause even in the mist of the storm God is there, even when the home is gone, everything lost, He is there. Even when we think no one cares, He is there. And to think a man can Praise God, and know where his strength lies, he knows God will take care of him and his family. What a mighty God we serve.

Please continue to be in prayer for all the tornado victims. We will be collecting more items, (no clothes at this time, please, as they don't have a place to store them). Please check our website often for updates on this mission outreach. And ask God were He can use you next!