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Dear Mission Friends,

     Thanks to you, hundreds of men, women, boys, and girls were able to enjoy the warmth of a new blanket, this past winter. They also received a coat, shoes, socks, gloves and hats to help keep them warm when outside in the cold. They were so grateful and appreciated the kindness shown to them during the harsh winter they endure on a yearly basics.

     Over four hundred seventy five children grades K4 thru grades 12, received backpacks full of much needed school supplies. The children were all smiles to receive the gift of supplies to help them in the classroom during the school year. The children also received a small gift and goodie bags, as these are items they rarely get to enjoy.

     Your gifts have allowed us to minister and share the love of Jesus with local homeless individuals. Where our group, along with other ministries have provided food, clothes, and items of warmth, tarps, and tents to the people left to survive in harsh conditions.

     We continue to support several local food ministries and The Appalachian Mountain Region food ministries with monetary donations on a monthly basics. During the food distributions along with other outreach ministry over two hundred people have come to know Jesus and experience His love and grace.

     We are preparing for this year mission trips, one is to be held September 11 & 12, 2015. We are going to The Church of God in St. Charles, VA and surrounding communities. During this trip we will give free of charge items of warmth, clothes, food, shoes, socks, back packs (full of school supplies), toys, diapers, and baby items. Several years ago this was a thriving coal mining town where people worked hard to support their families. Now the jobs are gone, the stores are closed and the people thru no fault of their own are in need of assistance for basic daily needs.

     The other mission trip is to Crossroads Baptist Church in Brevard, NC. Where we will have a “Back to School” family fun day. This day of fun consist of bounce house, games, snack bags, clothes, shoes and back packs full of much needed school supplies. In this area there are a lot of families living at or below the poverty level. The church has a food ministry and helps local people with their food needs on a continual basis.

     During all of the outreach mission trips, our guest enjoy music, singing, puppets for the children, and sharing of God’s word. Every person attending is given a Bible of their own. There is a Gideon, a Pastor, Elder, or Deacon at this table to pray upon request for all our guest attending. They also can place a prayer request in the prayer box.

     Several of our team members are involved locally in their home churches with food ministries, children ministry and homeless ministry, among other type ministries. Appalachian Ministries of The Carolinas helps support some of these local outreach events. We are excited to join with a ministry in Greenville, SC help provide food for the homeless and sharing the love of Christ.

     If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact us for more information. You can also visit us on our website to see our updates at or on Facebook under our name.

     We look forward to experiencing what God has in store for this ministry in the coming years. He has blessed the ministry in the past eleven years and we are excited for the future. We appreciated our continued partnership with you, our mission friends. We are thankful He has entrusted us to be His hands and His feet, to spread God’s love and share His kindness.

     Thank you for all you do. And may God bless you as you bless others.


Delbert and Rachele Hart